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The Remarkable Muskegon River. The Muskegon runs through the western portion of the lower peninsula of Michigan, and has an interesting history and geography. The river has its headwaters in Houghton Lake in Roscommon County, flowing out of the North Bay into neighboring Missaukee County. It flows near the town of Big Rapids to Muskegon, Michigan, where it empties into Muskegon Lake. The river was one of the favored logging rivers during the late 19th century. Nature lovers are rewarded with possible encounters with otters, waterfowl, deer, and eagles. It’s a favorite site for hunters, and there are plenty of water activities like canoeing, kayaking, and tubing.
Northend Riverside Park, a Big Rapids Gem. Located at the north end of Fourth Avenue in Big Rapids, Michigan, this city park features a picnic area, fishing site, and nature trails. Come enjoy cross-country skiing in winter, and running and hiking in warm weather. A trail guide is available at City Hall. There are also two pavilions in the park available for outdoor events. The first is a small pavilion that holds approximately 40 people. The second pavilion is a double pavilion with a patio, and can hold approximately 100 or more people. Family fun awaits with the park’s children’s playground, horseshoe pits, and volleyball courts.  [Top]
The Scenic Big Rapids Riverwalk. Just 1.5 miles from Quality Inn & Suites Big Rapids, and running from Maple Street to Northend Riverside Park, the Riverwalk is an award-winning multifunctional pathway giving access to fishing platforms, benches, bike racks, and picnic areas on either side of the 250 foot wooden bridge that spans northwestern Michigan’s Muskegon River. If you love to hike or jog in warm weather, are enthralled by autumn leaves, or can’t wait for winter to strap on those cross county skis, the Big Rapids Riverwalk is the ideal place to do a number of enjoyable outdoor activities.  [Top]
Lake Michigan, the Third CoastLake Michigan, the “Third Coast”. Just 50 miles from Quality Inn & Suites Big Rapids is Lake Michigan. It is one of the five Great Lakes of North America, which include Lakes Huron, Ontario, Erie and Superior. Lake Michigan is the only one located entirely within the United States. The word "Michigan" was originally used to refer to the lake itself, and is believed to come from the Ojibwa Indian word mishigami, meaning "great water." Its soft, white sand beaches are known for their beauty, and the region is often referred to as the "Third Coast" of the United States after those of the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. Viewing the expansive horizon, it’s easy to believe you’re on an ocean beach, although the lake is freshwater, not salty.  [Top]

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